The spearhead was found on Saturday, August 29th, 1970 in the peach orchard of Youngs Farm in Old Brookville, New York.   My father was a friend of the farmer John Youngs and was allowed to go into the peach orchard to pickup any peaches that had fallen off of the trees, as they could not be sold and would otherwise go to waste.  My father would then clean up the peaches, remove the damaged sections, and can them.  He would usually give some of the canned fruit to John Youngs as a “thank you” gift.


On this particular sunny day, I was along to “help” pickup peaches with the rest of the family but being an eight year old, I really wanted to run around and play in the orchard.  At one point I gather I was really annoying my father who yelled rather angrily at me to go away and stop bothering him.  That request made me feel very dejected and I walked away from him with my head down feeling rather unhappy.  As I walked around one of the peach trees, I noticed a black triangular shaped rock in the soil and silt where there had been some water runoff exposing it and as well as some other small rocks and pebbles.  I reached down to pick it out of the soil and was surprised to see that it was man made in the shape of a Christmas tree.  The first thing that went through my head was “I found an arrowhead!”  I ran back to my father with the “arrowhead” between my thumb and index fingers, point up, and the biggest grin on my face.  My father, still in what I believed to be a rather annoyed tone of voice, yelled at me “where did you get that?”  I pointed to the area where I had found it.


I later learned from a scientist at Garvies Point Museum in Glen Cove that it was a spearhead, not an arrowhead.  From its style, it was determined it was made sometime between 2500BC and 1000AD, which would have pre-dated the invention of the bow and arrow.  The flint itself is believed to have come from up the Hudson River and was probably obtained in trade by the Native American’s who made the spearhead.